Nils Benedikt Fischer

OpenCelluloid | Startup | 2019

OpenCelluloid is a startup project born from the need to digitize analog film productions and is being developed by Nils Benedikt Fischer and Antonio Castles Gómez with the support of the Creative Prototyping program of the UdK Berlin and the European Social Fond ESF.

Its designed to allow filmmakers and artists to fully control all steps of the production process, while also accommodating to their needs and current gear. The 16mm film digitizer consisting of three main components: An analog projector, a digital camera and a support structure, designed to be non invasive and easy to assemble while preserving the projector‘s and camera‘s original functions. It allows establishing a straighforward communication between analog projectors and digital camera systems within a large range of manufacturers and models. This facilitates the digitization process in a way that accommodates different budgets and specific needs from the end user.